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Stories and Meanings

Each of our prints have meaningful meanings. I have selected a few of our feature items to discuss its meaning. I hope you will find it fun and interesting to read. Enjoy!

Nine Koi Fish

nine koi fish printKoi fish is a symbol of good luck and martial harmony. There are nine koi fish in this print. The number nine means longevity in Chinese. Koi fish and water also brings prosperity and wealth to the family. Many people hang koi fish paintings in their homes to bring good fortune to their life. When you only have two koi fish, it represents love. Koi fish is pronounced "Lai Yu" in Chinese.

Bamboo and Panda

bamboo printPanda is a peaceful and lovable animal. Bamboo is also a symbol of peace, strength, grace, and versatility. It represents the spirit of summer and his China's most popular plant. It represents the spirit of summer and it is China's most popular plant. It is a very strong plant that can last throughout all four seasons, so it is a very enduring plant.

Cherry Blossom

cherry blossom printCherry blossoms are beautiful flowers that represent love and good luck. During Chinese New Years, many families will decorate their homes with cherry blossoms and peonies. They believe that it will bring them good fortune and love.